Know your drive!


I am writing a blog after 5 years now.Its been a long time ever since  that I scribbled my thoughts on my keyboard. For all of us, life becomes a zig-zag, a puzzle, a scrabble where we keep joining ends to make sense and forget that we have to relate to our own-self too. This self, which is thirsty for its dosage of recognition, compassion and celebration. This self, which is yearning for that little one-to-one time. Time to know what makes you special, time to learn what makes you grow and time to encourage your own beliefs. I lost touch with poetry against my list of academic affairs,but should I regret? Life surely spins you back in that moment where you once again lift the book of your passions and run your fingers through it to let open the chapter you lived the most as a child, as a mate, as a spouse or as a parent.What it takes is the ability to recognize the charming opportunity that floods and embrace it with all your senses and re-write your story.Today’s world is a place where all that works is dynamics, nothing awaits and nothing lasts but what can you make something forever yours?A tricky question and for all, numerous answers.But the possible forever yours is the occult passion that is within you. Be it on tough shores of the neverending struggles of life, make a little time to creep inside you,walk hand in hand to find what make you YOU and know your drive!!


4 thoughts on “Know your drive!

  1. Refreshing! You keep it so intriguing, yet so simple. An art worth discovering over and over! Kudos, DJ. Well done, babe!


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