Write to express, not impress!

I am a dentist, spreading smiles. This came in me as a kid when I was six and met this pilot who was a doctor. I remember that train journey with my dad and his experiences with surgery. I always wanted to be one, but landed up with being a dentist which is a profession of no less compassion. I am constantly exploring life and living by each day as it helps me grow as a person.  There have been numerous times where  I wished to emote. Then with the advent of these magical tools I eventually am upto fulfilling my desire to express, learn and realise that there is a world beyond the routine.

I picked up pen very early and reserved my writings for a few close pals, and some personal moments captured in my diaries. I now willingly want to share my  cracks and build ups. I know learning is didactic , and a platform like blogging gives you an insight to new within you.

All I believe and pursue is live and let live. I want to reach the deepest secrets of the soul and embrace them till the last breathe I live!


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