A year and new ME!!

Hello all, in a long time I said a hello here. Where have I been? Was I so busy that I forgot my other side? What kept me engaged that I never wrote in the whole of last year? Did I not question myself in this one year or did I never wish to mention how I felt this year? 

I missed it. I missed emptying my brain here. I missed pouring my heart here. I missed reading what my fellow bloggers had to say. I missed the stats. I missed the remarks. May be I missed my other half.

What I was up to, has changed my whole life for good. I was processing  my mind, reforming my body, moulding my niche, rejuvenating my energy, conquering my fears and carving my skills for welcoming my little man to this beautiful world. Yes, I was turning my sides for a whole new role of being a mum!! 

It all began on 17th February 2016 in a laboratory , where two cells one wriggly ,one static combined to form the basis of our new and changed lives. I was cold, numb, lost and last I saw was a micro pipette and he was shot in. Few weeks passed and there was a deep magenta line on the strip, he was in me!! Hurray … We didn’t fail!! And the next was a news to family and friends!! 

I decided to live each moment, just in case I don’t get to live it again. And perhaps God decided it the same way. It was a smooth, fun filled ride . I talked to the bud each day and it was not long when he started talking back to me!! He was not shy, he kicked ,danced,rocked and rolled every now and then to let me know he was there and he was all mine!!

While I was counting my days to meet him, I was also wanting the cuddles from within me to last forever. How I could carry him with me all the time , be it my dental clinic chair, grocery shop, scanning room ,the cafe or for a tap on my patient’s head!! I had my mate in my belly.

9 beautiful months, 2 travel destinations, 2 lovely baby showers, 10 ultrasound scans, 1 big bump and n number of prayers- it was all about him!! 


Then began the preparations, what would he need as soon as he is out- a beanie,a blankie, a warm outfit, a snuggle toy, a place to dream, a comforter, or just a warm, forever cuddle from me!! Guess the last one has outlasted all.☺️
And then began the hitches! It is now. NO!! Definitely now . NO !! I bet now .NO!! A few days passed and I thought he was happy inside and I was happy too!! It was cozy and it was only me and him! But they had to push him out after 18 longest hours of my life ,away from me but by me. 4th November ,2016 he stepped into our world with a loud cry and tears of joy in our eyes!! 

My sonnie was with me, right in my arms, close to my heart, beaming into my face!!  

And this was just the beginning!!