Silence is all that you need!!

My last post was perhaps 5 months ago. 2016 has been running really fast and I was so fastened in the hustle and bustle of life,that I totally forgot that I enjoy writing . Sometimes, chaos is the only word in life and so it has been for me for this long.

 A new job, new set up, new colleagues,new welcomes and new begginings in a row masked the silence in my life. My mind never stood still all these months and peace as if was a state that never existed, not because I was struggling but because my plate was so full.

And today I am writing again sitting in my verandah with a cup of desi chai with the main door open and listening to birds hum their twilight songs!! Why did it dawn on me today? Why was there a sudden urge to mention what have I been up to ? 

It was my off day today, I was home alone, I watched a Bollywood flick called ‘Sabarjit’ for my love of Bollywood . It was a true story of an innocent farmer who spent 23 years of life in jail just because he happened to cross the Indo-Pak border by mistake. The story was appalling and in the name of politics he and his folks suffered for years until he was assaulted in the jail and eventually died. The story was disturbing and more than the film, the real time interviews of the family members on the you tube brought a tear into my eyes!!

I took a long shower to let the emotion flow and straight went to the prayer room to thank God for giving me all I have today. Then went out for a stroll in my garden. The summer appeared so colourful ,the green mesh had daisies,the roses were blossoming, the lavenders were swinging, and the birds were singing. All I could experience was PEACE and SILENCE!!


I have been up to so much all this while, that I almost neglected the best things that surround me. For all my days that have been surrounded by computer screens, laptops,mobile phones,people talking so much, frustrations, complaints, anguish and fake laughters,today I stood in that green patch all by myself breathing deep in silence, gazing at the wild pink and white carnations, humming a tune,watching the snails crawl and the clouds and the sun play hide and seek!

The chaos was gone!! I was with me!! I was me!!

It was like a revelation. A moment which I wanted to last till my last breathe. A moment when nothing mattered and nothing stood mortal. It echoed to me that life is beautiful and I am blessed!

We all look for happiness but we always fail to realise it is always with us and within us!! 

May the silence I felt today be with me forever !! Amen!!