The Comeback 😊😊

So this time you are sitting in your study and you receive a telephone call,” Hello there, how are you? Do you remember me?” You stand near the telephone stand with a bewildered expression on your face,your right brow raises, you voice is muffling and your mind is trying to guess and you reply,” Is it Natasha?” The voice replies back,” Oh!! So now you don’t remember me!!” You in  your apologetic tone answer back,” I am sorry but I cannot recall.” ” Well, I can understand it has been nearly 20 years that we spoke.”,the voice replies with a chuckle. The chuckle rings a bell to you and you jump and shout,” Hey, Fatso how have you been?”. And the conversation continues for hours where in you learn that your childhood friend has come back to the town. You plan a date with her and the memories blossom again.

A comeback of a person who left you with fond memories is always a delight. We all have had such experiences which bring smiles and tears on our faces at the same time. The good time spent in the past and reliving it again can never be replaced by anything better.

Whenever I think of my post graduate programme which lasted three years, I always wonder what did I achieve out of it. As I did not continue to practice what I learnt for those three years. It was a waste of time academically and contributed nothing significant to my career . Yet,it was a time that I would wish to come back again and again in my years to follow. I made some classic friends and some classic memories. Those three years were the years when I lived the way I wished to. They were the years when I did everything but read the big books. The years where me and my friends sat for hours together and dreamt of our future good lives- the dreams that we never lived.


Life was like smoke, no boundaries,no life path ,no looking back,no regrets and no remorse. All we had were us and our dreams.

We are in touch still and quite aware what is going on each others’ lives but I and perhaps ,all of us are waiting for the comeback of those times.

However, not all comebacks are desirable. Sometimes, some sore times dribble back with some entrances. You don’t want to welcome them but you want to give them a chance thinking may be things will turn around, the broken trust  will revert, the tears shed will fade away and you and them will be in better situation.

Unfortunately,the skeptical you doesn’t leave you in this case. The disbeliefs persist. You want to know if there is a motive or is it an honest try? Is something being disguised in the name of comeback. Hold on, breathe and do not hush!! Rekindling what left you burning at one point is not want you want again. Perhaps being cautious and guarding yourself against the intentions -good or bad – is not a bad idea.

The point is life is mixture of good and bad experiences. One has all the rights to be happy and all the rights to discard what is going to rot and embrace what is going to bring many more beautiful moments.

The comebacks

The  shiny bright eyes,

 the warmth that lasted,

the memories that it etched, 

when the  times were crafted!!

Reincarnate, revive ,

Relive with me 

I am waiting for u,

I am waiting endlessly!!


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