The New Year’s Eve !!

I am someone who is particularly excited about the New Year’s Eve. This is perhaps around my belief that things will be bigger and brighter in the new year and hence the celebrations should begin.

We were all set to see the fireworks at the Big Bang in London. The train tickets were booked, hotel room was paid for and the see tickets were purchased too. I had finished working for the winter break and I was shopping for the same on the 29th.

I laid down my plans for the 30th including a visit to the beauty salon, nice and relaxing long bath, packing the bags for a three day stay at London and shopping list for London in the new year . That is what I saved the money for!! 

I was looking forward to tick my London’s new year fireworks this year and I felt my throat was sore on the 29th evening. It was that time of the year but I did not wish for it. I simply wanted to go!!30th I was shivering in my duvet, my thermometer blinged 101 C and I was struggling to swallow. The nasty viral attack had began. My husband was back from work that evening and decided to cancel the bookings but I still was not ready to give up, so I said to him,” If I think I can’t manage by 31st morning ,we shall drop it.” 

Convinced him the next morning ,sipped a warm tea ,sucked on some lozenges and wrapped myself in layers of warmers to set us for the London trip.

We spent the whole 31st afternoon in the hotel room to gear up for the night show. We needed to stand for 4 hours with another 50,000 in a temperature of 4C to let the sky glow with fireworks shooting out of the London eye and  lasting ten minutes. I was adamant to be the part of that rush,the cold and the wait. 

But before the everlasting evening I needed to feed in some good Indian dishes to lighten the day. We went to a bhelpuri house in a narrow street in the central London and ordered food from different parts of India. The best amongst was the masala chai. A few lozenges were down again and then we headed to our zone to stand by the Thames. 

The area was well gaurded. People hushed from all sides. Friends, families, mates and couples with some drinks and snacks  in their hands lined up to get the security checks done .

The Thames was quiet yet beautiful, reflecting colors like never before. Cold wind blew and we were hugging each other. Few Chinese girls in front of us were cracking some jokes. Some Europeans were enjoying the fags. An English couple kissed to feel warm. An Indian couple held hands tight to let the cold breeze past them. The sky was clear, the Stars twinkled and it seemed as if the entire world was around the silent waters waiting for the new year to start with new hopes and new wishes. There was joy all around.

The wait seemed to be never ending .whilst parts cheered,some were tired and sulked. The feelings were mixed but the sky and the waters were still. The moon lit up in one end and at the other end London eye stood like a rainbow and kept changing colors.

The  fatigue was creeping up yet they were singing and laughing to let the joy not die.Finally  the countdown began. All eyes were on the building behind showing the seconds to go for the new year start and within no time fireworks started from London eye. A sight that leaves one amazed.

With 50,000 pair of eyes watching the city glow and crackle, the new year begin.

There was music, joy,open sky ,colourful waters and faces that twinkled like the stars up there. The warm hugs and constant exchange of happy new set in a new energy.

London New Year’s Eve 2016 show 

I whispered into his ear,” Happy new year Mr. Hubby, the box is ticked.” And we were back to the room!!



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