An apple finder!!

There is never a right time for a right thought. I am inquisitive and I want to know if only I am off beat. I want to know if anybody else wants to be an apple finder or not. A survey,an idea or a mere write up.

Now who is an apple finder? I have chosen this name for someone who wants to start his own something and spread it like a virus,be it a whole mankind or be it a whole tech series.

When Newton saw it (the apple ) falling,he discovered the laws of action and reaction. His discovery shook the existing beliefs and the Mother Earth appeared to have been bestowed with powers never found before. Such was the glory of the falling apple in his time.

Long before Newton existed, Adam and Eve’s apple act started a whole lineage. Me,you and sir Newton are a product of that one bite by Mrs. Adam. Had she not tried the little red ball, I would not have written on  the concept of an apple finder!

The last one I can remember had a movie just released. His expertise in making life easy, in taking away the load from my and your brain and bridging the gap between family and friends has been remarkable. After my attempts with nearly all kinds of smart hand pieces , I have fallen in love with his insatiable apple.

We all know these three apple finders but my worry is how many of us think of being an apple finder and in what terms. Did they do it to with an intention to find wealth or glory? Did they think that one day the apple will be their trademark ? Or was it pure serendipity ,a noble thought or a mere greed? 

Again we all are aware what happened in each case but what matters is the outcome. What matters is, did it help the society,did it generate another science,or did it guide to a brand new concept ? 

An apple finder is some one who is not thinking only of what benefit would be raised for him in terms of money , fame,satisfaction or invention, but he is the one who thinks will my invention and innovation  benefit those who would understand and afford the science. He thinks beyond the mortal outcomes. He thinks of a change, a change that will create an impact.

He could be someone who thought assembling a torch in Rupees 100 can provide light to those remote areas of the world, where there is no power source other than the sun. He could be someone who decided to take a projector and few DVD’s to a slum where people did not know what Cinema is like. Or, he could be someone who creates an app in the existing apple and makes the daily chores happen on a finger touch for million of those toiling in the tiny cubicles. 

The sole idea may be any virtue but the impact decides whether he was a true apple finder and the impact is no less than a joy,a comfort and a lead.

I am figuring out my way to be one and then probably I would in-script on the apple I shall hold. It was never easy and it will never be in future too but one day some of us shall find a way to create that impact that will last. 

The story of an apple finder begins but never dies off . It keeps reminding us of the idea every now and then ,even while I am trying to penning my thought. The story of an apple finder is the story of anyone who would connect the mankind with the little strings and re -create the phenomenon of every action has equal and opposite reaction!!

Are you one of the apple finders?? Do let me know:)


The big and small!!

Every time  I am trying to think of what more I want from life, I end up saying thanks!! 

The mess in the world, the darkness  in those parts, the ignorance in some hearts and the pallor of those faces make me realise that I am blessed to have my needs sorted and if ever would I raise my hands for Dua , they end up in saying ,”Shukriya O Khuda!!”

I cannot imagine a life with no food but  dirt cookies to eat, no shelter but trenches to hide,no clothes but scrape to cover and no idea of a good life but struggle to survive. 

On the other hand, I see the others who have  claimed to own the power and the riches. The politicians who sit on piles of their wealth, the business makers who do not even know how much they have and the other biggies who go to a seven star to fill an inch of their tums. And I think why not work to this end, why be satisfied and whisper a thanks every night before that sleep? Why not try a way out to own a penthouse , a Lamborghini and be in the list of highest tax payers ?

I think and think and think the big and the small to draw my final status , my last expectations !

And then after the rush and ease, I still say thanks for making me able, for providing me the three  meals, for keeping me safe, for gifting me family and friends, for taking care of my basics and giving me a chance to give the same to at least one other life ! 

No wealth can buy true happiness. The big and small merge to one . The horizon is where they meet and that is infinite . One can be satisfied with dirt cookies and the other could chew on gold biscuits and yet crib.

Life’s biggest pain is when you lose your sleep over not having what you do not need. The thin line between need and want ,big and small  would stay for most of us for long but for me all I know is I can only thanks!!