The diabetic catπŸ™€πŸ™€

May be I have a wrong title today. Diabetic cat eh?!!! We were all having lunch, I microwaved my pasta, the manager peeled her tangerines and the nurses cooked their pot noodles. After the first bite that crashed in those ever dying for food tummies, our tongues started to wiggle to speak. 

We often begin our chats with the pets-Carter and Maisie -the long and short of the manager’s  and Beckie’s( my nurse)place. The topics vary from their food,their walks to their wee wee habits and their cuddles,how they are naughty and scratch each other and how they become friends again. Not only the traits ,we also often discuss their fashion sense and their accessories.

That afternoon the talk shifted about this furry cat who started visiting the principal dentist’s garden. His daughter would observe her for hours, how did she yawn,move, run and mess with the grass. After a few days she asked her dad, ” I want to feed that cat.”  Both the daddy and daddy’s girl started feeding the hairy beast. She enjoyed every bit of the meal,sipped the milk,licked her lips, rubbed herself in the garden and the little girl enjoyed watching her. The cat perhaps thought there was no harm in having a little brunch outside in a  cafe before dinner,especially when those tiny hands were at service.

This became an everyday event. It was in the schedule to feed the cat after school for Mili. She thought she would name the cat ,may be she would call her Bambi or Caramel or perhaps ,Ginger. The other day when Bambi was purring after the sumptuous meal, Mili asked daddy if she could keep Bambi for good. She promised daddy that she will take the whole responsibility but a tear shed when she was explained that she could not have her for good. However, Mr daddy agreed that Mili could feed her whenever Bambi visited them.

The trend continued for some days. One day when Mili waited with daddy with food for Bambi in the garden, Bambi was a bit late then her usual time and a note hung in her neck. Daddy held Bambi in his arms and read the note aloud,” please don’t feed the cat while she visits your garden,the cat is DIABETIC.” 

The exchange stopped soon and the course of after school  activity changed for Mili, yet Bambi etched a laughable memory of being diabetic!!😜😜


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