Wisdom that was difficult!! 😱😱

My grandma said to my father and my mother said to me when we were nearing eighteen and sobbing in pain,”It is coming out slowly, little by little ,that white sharp peak exploring its way from the pink valleys, and you are growing well. The wisdom is rising .” But nobody told us that the rise was  not with a flash of light rather it was the story of that dormant volcano at Sicily which sobs every now and then and then one fine day revolts back to lose again. The wisdom took a few years before it was out and functional.

 Am I misleading you guys? May be I am but that is what happened to me. My wisdom teeth took a few good years to come through,sometimes so angry that they bled and sometimes so pious that they stopped moaning after a few chills to my being. And so was the graph of my brain cell development with peaks and valleys until I was grown up enough at 25. To my surprise, all four of them popped out too after an awful struggle to establish their position in my dynamic jaws.

Mom and Gran coerced,” She is a grown up lady now!!” Woohoo, college was nearing an end ,the wisdoms were enjoying their newly found domains and I was declared grown up , which would mean I could choose where to party, I could go on a trip with my mates and I could choose my companion. I never thought of voting though I could do it since 18. The sense of freedom thrilled me. The first thing I did was I declined two marriage proposals opiniating they did not  suit my intellect. Following it I decided to go out with my friends on  a three day Kodai City break and then of course it was easy to say NO to a lot of stuff imposed from everywhere. Even though they said they were more experienced, I begged to differ saying I was a grown up, matured lady then.

My university exams neared , it was my last year. It was raining heavily that night in Chennai, some trees at the hostel had fallen down, the cafe was shut and there was no coffee to keep us going so we all shut down our books and knocked ourselves off. I don’t know if I was dreaming but I groaned in agony,woke up and saw my half swollen face. It was an abscess and I was in pain 9/10. Some pills down my throat, ice and what not – NO RELIEF! Next day I was sitting in the OMFS department and some films were already shot. My wisdom was in trouble. The only option for the little devil was to pull it out of its  territory. After a few strokes on my heavy cheek it was drilled out. 25% gone. The scale had come down, not only the pain but my wisdom too( I thought😐).

Within a span of 2 years, with repeated surgeries in my mouth, I was wisdom free. In the same time frame I was into an arrange marriage. May be it was just a coincidence but that was it!!

It has been a few good years now and I take away those milestones for many of them when they are in 50’s and 60’s. I continued to rise without them and I still am , but they left a story behind:)


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