The sushi that was not mine!!πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘Ώ

So how many times have you thought of what you are going to binge as soon as you are back from that tiring day? I do it nearly every day and sometimes I make that extra effort to roll it. 

While the first bus never made it to the stop after waiting for nearly 15 minutes, I was sure I was due to miss the next one! Anyways the journey began, though late but it did and then I started thinking of what to cook and what was there at home to snack on. To my realisations , there was no quick bite whatsoever today and the fact I was getting late and late by every passing minute I was getting surer that I was going to miss the next one that drops me at my door step.

My mind is a dungeon or may be a devil’s workshop , it refuses to chill. But today I had decided to refrain from criticising my dentist part of me  as a friend yesterday had said to me,” When you change your scrubs and put on the shoes that take you home , make sure all of you is going home and only you is going home!” Nice thought ! Haha! Easier said than done but I was here trying to be good.

After a long 45 minutes I dropped me and my shoulder bag out of that bus and headed for the next one. It was 20 minutes away . Now what could have I done ? I thought let us hang around and there it was the destination of my tummy- morrisons yummy;) . I fished into it ,especially the green section. After a 10 minutes of scrutiny I picked a three type of hummus pack and a VEGETARIAN sushi . Japanese food is amongst the best oriental cuisines but they don’t do a lot of green stuff being deep into the sea. To my surprise the British had taken the flavours a step ahead and they thought  of Indians as well while they modified it. The result being you can find the vegetarian sushi in odd stores.

I picked them, hushed back and here I was sitting in another stagecoach. I was counting how many sushis I had in that pack , how many did I have to share with my partner and how many could I take for lunch tomorrow?? Well the choice was either I could eat them today or tomorrow . Eventually the decision was I was eating them asap I was home and I had to share them 😞. The phone rang and it said,”I had a sandwich just now, not hungry , please don’t cook the dinner.” Eeeeeeeeeeeeho!! The seven of them were all mine. 

I sat there relaxed waiting for the right stopping . Occasionally slipping into the shoes I had left an hour ago and trying to get out of them with a snap. I lost my thought. Was I hypotensive today? Don’t know. There was a little shadow , a blackout and when I switched on I was pressing the stopping button. I got out of my seat happily, the driver called out and said that he was sorry that I could not get my smart card in my time and I said to him,” Don’t you worry!” I had already transported into that satiation. I got down. The bus passed by. I crossed the roads and looked down, I was still with my shoulder bag. Where was my sushi bag??? Oh my lord ! It went with the coach. Phew! Devastated me stood at my doorstep.

 The sushi that wasn’t mine had travelled a few miles now. 

I bursted into a laughter, a laughter that brought tears into my eyes. Soon I was in the kitchen cooking one of the worst dinners of the times! 


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