That KITCHEN is dirty!

She comes from work at seven in the evening, she has been spending twelve hours outside the house trying to figure out the best for four days a week. He takes her out for dinner,sumptuous, delicious meal. They chill on the couch with a sundae and a movie. She is tired and almost retiring to sleep. He mutters,” That kitchen is dirty these days.” She replies,” I can’t do much about it in the weekdays.” He argues,” But it is not good.” She asks ,” Which part is bothering you.” He bounces back that it is unclean. She says,” You clean it if you are so concerned.” And they get up the next day.

When she was a kid, she fortunately or unfortunately had a male sibling. Half of her childhood went in figuring out the confusion around the fact that why can’t he cook in the kitchen, why  can’t he wash that pile of vessels after the dinner, why can’t he mop the floor -when he could drive a bike, when he could play football and when he could hang out with his friends late in the night. She was being told that he is her brother and the boy of the house.

Why nobody told him that she is his sister and she is as good as he is!

She was in her youth now,she was like a twine that beautified their world . Her sibling was a man now. She went to the college, she was falling in love. He started earning his salary and someone fell for him. They were both in their relationships. He disclosed first, they tied his knot to her. She dreamt of the same, talked about it to them, she was stamped ,stomped and married to someone. She did not know who he was. She was broken and she had to rise up again. She was someone else’s before she could blossom.

A few years went into understanding that she was transported from one surname to another and now that was her world. The new surname asked for more than just her name. She failed. She was queried every now and then. She went to a session a few weeks ago where they crossed some X s and some Ys and that resulted in another name, then why was she asked for the hospital visits and those multiple tests?Why was she expected to show a worry in her voice, why was she expected to change the God she believed in and why was she responsible for the X not meeting the Y?

Finally, they were blessed with two.She thought in her heart, she would not repeat the history. She breast fed them, bathed them, played with them equally and she worked harder to make sure they both knew how to cook a curry , how to play cricket, how to clean the house and how to drive. But she was blamed when her her part fell in love. She was criticised that she was far too liberal with her. She was reminded that she was her daughter and the girl of the house to clean that kitchen.

Tomorrow is 69th Independence Day for India. We have modernised, we have developed,we stand up as a country of billions, we have an enormous man power, we have brains that none match in every sector, we  have her active possibly in all spheres . She represents us  in the Olympics , she wins the Wimbledon , she is in the NASA, she is treating the dreadful diseases, she is researching and going on researching, she brings you the news, she stands up  in the parliament and runs the country, she is a daughter, a friend, a wife and a mother and yet she is a top notch performer but  we have failed to liberate her in our little minds.

We are still typecasting her!! We still think if the kitchen is not clean it is necessary to remind her! And she is still searching for independence in the many years that have passed by from those eyes  that have never failed to look down upon her! 

I can probably for now just say,“We shall overcome one day !” 


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