Good days don’t last longer!

It is Monday. My another week into the training post starts and I am a bit reluctant today to sit in this stagecoach as my eyes are nearly floppy and wish to go back to the weekend. 

Last weekend had passed in a jiffy as it was the best weekend of the year. Why do I say so? Most days are fab and most days give me the satisfaction of being right in the role I am playing then why just one best day? Like I have been writing about the way I love to have people around , it was one of the my days-the 32nd birthday. I did not realise how old I am and I was yet looking forward to it like a 5 year old. I was all day on international calls hearing to the birthday jingles. The best was when my mother whats apped me at sharp  twelve STD India ,” happy birthday my dear daughter!” She is very new to using touch phones and instant message apps but she was spot on with the timing and ofcourse with  her blessings. So the day had already begun and the day begun just right:).

I was very tired towards the evening and was craving for some sleep. I slides in my couch watching the Tele and soon you could hear a rustle from my nose. I don’t remember when but I was shaken hard and loud it sang,” Happy birthday to you , happy birthday to you.” I was muddled , dreamy and not quite ready to believe until I saw a big home baked cake with a Yankee candle by its side( a candle straight from my bath). I blew it, sliced the knife through, exchanged a bit and I was fast asleep. That was the midnight 00:00 AM, when my dearest husband had given the cake rehearsals done last week a final touch with his panache! The outcome being a moist,tender, adequately sweet, rightly  flavoured, eggless vanilla cake with a strawberry on top. I was happy not only on him surprising me but also on making that effort after a long day at work.

Next day while I got up to embrace every bite of that delicious sponge with my tea, I was sulking already about being away from my people. I was at home !! I was home alone on my birthday!!

Back to the couch with Bollywood numbers to pep me, I scrolled through my FB. One,two three and soon a century on my timeline from all over the world and there was a sigh of relief. The day had started to roll and I was loving the internet already . Then it was my nephews and nieces who rang me to fill in the emptiness of my day. It was beyond pleasure to hear those birthday songs from each one of them. I was feeling like a princess enjoying with my little ones and the doorbell rang(. Triiiiiiiiiiiing!). Flowers in my face, what a surprise!! My work colleagues were at my place to wish me . Could have I asked for more ? I have not even completed my first year of work in the UK and I am so thankful that they remembered it and made the effort of pleasently surprising me. 

I was feeling while it was getting better and better , the clock was ticking too. Good days don’t last longer!! However, I was already made up so I decided to pamper myself now. I took a cold shower on the sunny day, wore the mango jumper my partner has left me as a birthday present on the couch and walked out of the home with my sling bag. It was the shop for yourself time. I picked up stuff as a present to myself that I have been longing for sometime now and soon I was sitting on a relaxing chair beautifying myself.

More calls ! More messages! More FB ! More blessings! What a MORE day.

By the time I was home,my pastry chef was home too with some plants and an old . He urged me to dress up quickly as we were to set out for a dinner in one of the finest dining restaurant in Liverpool  with another couple who had been with us in our hospital accommodation days. My eyes were blinking again. Hahaaha!! Food is my proclivity and good food is my penchant. Tough words – to simplify – good food makes me happy!


We were there – they were there -the clock was ticking. Hours passed and when I finally gazed at it , it was quarter to 12 GMT.A twenty eight and a half hour long good day was nearing to an end! I was glad that it went unexpectedly well and I despaired it will be an year before it comes back again.

I probably don’t open my eyes often to see the happy times, I probably look at the glum more than the beauty of it, I probably do not know how each day has been a blessing ever since I was born, I probably have split my good days as per the calendar events, I probably cannot see the countless blessings every day-that I was a smiley turned down at twelve in that grandfather’s clock!

 Good days why don’t they last longer , the thought battled while I slept in my mango jumper for next day morning .


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