Mr. X vs Mr. India!!

I am passionate follower of Bollywood. Despite all the comments that I hear about Bollywood being unrealistic , I believe that Bollywood has a colossal capacity to entertain any Indian and most of us can relate ourselves to those projected emotions,relationships,ideas and attitudes. Bollywood in every era has shown some remarkable performances and has set benchmarks for next generations in terms of technology,story,script,performance and conviction.

This week I had been on a Bollywood marathon,watching back to back classic movies from 1970s till date. Last night, we ended up watching three of them including Piku. What a quintessential performance by Mr. Bachchan!! Be it him suffering from lymphosarcoma of intestine( a cancer that cannot exist 😝) in Anand, progeria in Paa or constipation in Piku his emotions loosen on his face like motion. Jokes apart the message is conveyed subtly and the audience is convinced. I cannot admire the Khans any less when it comes to on screen romance or social awareness issues and nor can I say that Mr.Anil Kapoor can act only as a father these days( some formula that is keeping him young and I need to know it😐) . This is what Bollywood has gifted us with -‘classic entertainment.‘ Melodious songs, out of the world lyrics,dialogues that can give one goosebumps,grandeur of the sets, fashion icons, technology and idea behind a story that doesn’t let you move out of that couch!!

But sometimes as an admirer you are let down and you think that may be I am into it far too much and it is time to switch. 

This week started with watching  Mr. India, a Shekhar Kapoor direction and end with Mr.X -a Vishesh films film.  Both stories run around an invisible man but the motives are so different and by the weekend I was despondent. 

Mr. India takes birth from research and science, a gadget that makes him invisible and the refraction principle and prism is explained well whilst Mr. X looks like the Thing from fantastic four and undergoes into metamorphosis after a severe a radiation burn and with anti-radiation remedy, visible in UV radiation. Argh!! I wish a better use of science was discovered in 2015. 

The reason of revenge for Mr. X is so personal and trivial , being a super cop he is fighting the monsters for the cause that he can’t enjoy the material pleasures like sex and marriage and can’t have a family because he is only seen in sunlight(honestly,can we think beyond it😈) whereas Mr. India is a hope for those million Indians who feed on  adulterated food, are burnt and killed in bomb blasts and are turned into terrorists and drug addicts. The very claim of acquiring of such a power is demeaned in Mr.X!! Isn’t it unfortunate??

Mr. India is the masiha of masses who fights against the devious Mogambo ( hail Mogambo!! , do you remember it?😜), with sprinkles of a humour all round the three hours that keeps the mood light yet brings on a hope in every Indian heart while Mr. X is so busy in his invisible kisses and  love making that he fails to show any extra skill in killing his three silly opponents.

Mr. India talks about a power of a common man, his intentions and his virgin attempt to save the country from getting into wrong hands but Mr. X being a trained security official is full of himself and  his girlfriend, makes me think of a despo official who is love ke liye kuch bhi karega types, then why be Mr. X and dishearten the viewers.

Besides all, the music and the sensous number ‘I love you ‘cannot be forgotten as it leaves such an impact that the song is replayed in Maine pyar kiya’s antakshree .The blue saree on Sridevi keeps the audience involved and romance in the movie is displayed so gracefully. However the blue waters of the swimming pool and the kissing scene with those outlined invisible lips make me think ,” Is there a point in kissing a man with no identity?”
The worst bit is the climax of Mr. X where the lady cop is taking a shower and says ,” I was just wondering how does an invisible man takes a bath?” Hahahaa!! That is the only dialogue that made me laugh in two hours. Grow upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.

Mr. X is a clear slap in the face,especially when one has watched both movies with not much gap. It makes you question your honest love for Bollywood. This is what you don’t expect from Emran Hashmi after some good roles in movies like Dirty picture and Shanghai. I did not bother to see who the other characters were as the villain was some random high official with no army and befriended  a democrat with no opinion and acting skills. Then why have Mr. X and the anti- radiation syrup for a simple one to one!!

With stories being spun around normal lives and brilliantly put together,one is happy with less drama. However, this deterioration of Indian cinema questions the fanship. And now I am thinking the only good out of it was something to write!!


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