A video that is not letting me sleep!

It is nearly eleven in the night. I have finished my dinner and watched my singing reality show. Now I am lying in my king size bed with two soft pillows to support my neck and trying to sleep. I am tired , turning and tossing but I am not getting any sleep. I query, I dig and I realise I am stuck in that last 5 minutes video on Facebook about the dirt cookies in Haiti. 


Photo :http://shareably.net/haitians-eat-dirt-cookies-to-survive/

On every other normal day, I proudly say that I am a foodie. It is the only thing that brings an instant smile on my face. I love to be in my kitchen experimenting with the flavours. I often click some colourful pictures,photoshop them and add them on my Facebook page. This is followed by an all applause day -discussion,queries and comments. I feel so good not only because I had the yummiest meal but also because my FB mates crowned me as one of those brilliant cooks. My satiety ends here and I go to sleep. This is all so easy for me.

 The days that  go wrong , I curse my fate. I curse the time I am going through. I curse not having a decent job and not having my  favourite pani poori (an Indian snack). I curse being away from family and I curse the fact why am I dentist with no bright future. I fuss around food. If I don’t get ingredients of my choice I decide to order food from a take away or visit a restaurant for a twenty quid meal. I have choices and I have the right to curse.

The day I go to a posh restaurant,I order some of the finest wine and food, I eat a bit and my hypothalamus says ,”Not a spoon more!” I leave it all and walk out. Then I go for a mile’s walk to settle this portion  and I curse again ,” It was too cheesy ,makes me feel sick.” Like I said, I have choices and I have the right to curse.

While I have this all, why am I not able to sleep tonight? Why I am stuck at Haiti and that video? Why am I thanking God every second? What was the video about? 

A freelance journalist visited Haiti to see what are dirt cookies. These are cookies and muffins made out of fuller’s earth,dirt,water and whatever that can be considered filth to feed those stomachs which do not know what food looks like. The dirt cookies are occasionally mixed with salt or sugar to give them a flavour. They are made in big vessels and the dirt batter is shaped in form of pies,cookies,scones and muffins and dried on the basketball grounds of the school which is right across an open sewage drain. If there is no rain the cookies dry and are sold to the children. These kids enjoy these cookies because they don’t have a palate for what we call food. The pregnant women feed on them too to curb their hunger. The pregnant  ladies say ,”They are a good source of calcium and they curb their hunger too besides giving them constipation and zero nutrition for the baby in the womb !” This is the story of dirt cookies.

Please see the link below:


‘Dirt cookies-a magic potion that suppress not only hunger but the desire for actual food.’

My heart had an immediate guilt. I was  quiet. I was thinking about all the tantrums I throw every now and then,the pounds that I spend in satisfying my tastebuds and that every moment that I have cursed so far for not being  my way. I am not sure if I can thank Khuda enough for that every grain in my stomach. I am not sure if I can show my gratitude to my parents for not keeping me hungry even for a single meal. I am not sure if I can thank my mates for putting up with all my food drama. I am not sure if I will ever be able to feed someone like those on dirt cookies some food. But I hope,pray and wish they  get a living that they are worthy of and I someday make a difference somewhere.

I don’t know still if I will be able to sleep tonight but tonight’s prayers go those brave hearts who are fighting it with a smile and a hope to taste something richer than the dirt cookies!! 

Photo credit:-http://robmacpherson1.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/on-why-i-appear-to-be-feminist.html?m=1


4 thoughts on “A video that is not letting me sleep!

      1. I have seen so many poverty in my country which I thought it was already bad, but this is worse. I feel so sad for them. How can the real food can’t be affordable ..

        and you know, I kind of a foodie too and fuss around food 😐 we should be more grateful.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes dear , the whole of idea of me writing was this ..an essential survival factor like food is missing from their life and we on the other side of the planet fail to recognise and cherish this gift .. We shall be more grateful and hopefully should be able to help them sometime!!Amen.


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