Hold BACK those HANDS🍰🍫🍟🍲

What is wrong with me today? Someone who is always typing on her WordPress address is asking you to hold back those hands. Folks this is for myself, in fact for foodies like me! My palate is highly skilled in verifying different flavours and my nose specialises in aroma checks with the only limitation that I am vegetarian. My mantra is simple,”I live to eat.”Be it an evening when I am through random emotions or a weekend when I am chilling with some likeminded peeps, every moment becomes cheerful with the tadka (flavour)of the right food. The pot full of a well cooked curry and a piece of naan can sparkle me easily after a long day.

This Friday after making a failed attempt to find a company for the yummilicious adventure, I decided to treat my senses all by myself. Instantly my fingers looked for Google and fired commands to see the best buffet restaurants in the UK. Jimmy’s, Cook and indi’s, the Red hot buffet and few more had the best reviews. Some Asian gourmands recommended the vegetarian stuff at the Red Hot Buffet,further it was the closest possible for me as I am yet to drive independently on the roads of the UK .

Mersey rails; my dearest friend wherever and whenever, transported me from the peninsula to the heart of Liverpool City and with a very warm welcome I was soon seated on a two chaired table facing a tower clock. It was 1:00 pm and my tummy alarm was already ringing. I said,” Snooze you! Behave. We are the posh guests.” I ordered a cola to show that my belly rats were  not squeaky yet. But with every sip, when I turned here and there, I talked to myself,” Dude,when it is food, it is only food. Splurge!” 


I have two favourite counters in buffets-salad and dessert, I am generally a good girl. The spread here covered all the spicy cusines of the world,from Mexican to pan Asian and live counters to buffer the appetite . I being a child of nature started with greens,leafs,tomatoes and my joy doubled to see a veg sushi with thick soya sauce! It took me a quarter to gobble the salad range-Greek,Mediterranean,Srilankan,Mexican,Japanese and Italian. 


A beautiful lady came to my table seeing me,only me and inquired,”If I was okay?” I was muddled but replied with all my humility,” In heavens!!”

The second round began-live counters-a veg pizza slice,mango salsa,fajitas,quesadillas,potato wedges,salsa,sour cream,nachos ,some pasta and olives. I kept looking at the clock and decided to take my own sweet time. I was nearly full but my hands were just not agreeing to hold back. There was an out break of my inner voice,” How can you not try Indian and Chinese,how can you ignore your roots?” 

The third round started with the smallest portions and only tasters-half a spoon daal,Bombay potato,saag paneer,popadam,mango chutney,Hakka noodles and sweet and sour vegetables with garlic naan. Believe me,I was going to just check if the food was nearly Asian for my fellow gastronomes. I was obviously not disappointed😜 but my efforts just won it for the Indian chefs. The clock was ticking and it was nearly two,an hour had passed in curbing my hankering and I was almost successful until I saw the dessert gourmet.

“Fourth round toh banta hai!”, I hailed. It was a small round white plate with something of everything (cakes,pastries,panacotta,crumble and fruits). In India the meal only finishes with meetha (sweet) so here I was ending the pampering of my soul,mind and body !! 

I called for the check and picked up my phone to ask my BFF and my best food  mate in the world,” Gabbu, I had a smorgasbord now, how do I get up?” He encouraged me and said,” Muster the courage DJ, a walk ,and  the exaltation of the merry meal will make up for everything.”


Somewhere,I am all about food. It is a source of instant rapture that transports me to a world where company or no company doesn’t matter and only by the sight of that appealing,colourful,sizzling spread ,a smile glitters and those hands don’t hold back!! Call me a hedonist but here I am and it is all about food for me:)))


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