Enough or not enough!!

  My aunt’s daughter cleared her charted accountancy exam this morning. What a great news! I always knew she carried shear brilliance and dedication to do it all in less time comparatively. Perhaps , I can count the genetics too! Now she will be applying for all the top listed companies and giving those intricate job interviews. With her wit I am sure one of those fussy GMs would hire her. Then will start the real examination and scrutiny!

Someone asked me ,”She had already made through finals,why another one.” I could not resist my laughter and replied,” It is the dulha (bridegroom)hunt that she has to go through now.” The very idea of showing off such a talented lady to those lads puts me off. I went through the same and trust me you feel like rejecting them on their first look. This is such a routine. School,college,apprenticeship,job,arrange marriage,kids,old age and it goes on!

 They check an advert in the matrimonial or someone’s  aunt’s sister in law mentions,” Mr. Singh’s son is the most eligible bachelor of the town.”

 Biodatas are exchanged,a meeting in a five star is arranged, shopping is done,a visit to a saloon is prebooked  and a series of questions are encountered. The queries range from whether she knows to cook or not, whether she wants to work in future, whether she knows their language and how about being religious? Phew!! Is that what one needs to know for a lasting companionship?Was that piece of paper not enough to state all of that? B.A./C.A.,height-5 feet 4 inch, color- a lighter shade of brown,hobbies-cooking, painting,singing,ready to be a mother or maid- this information is updated with every email that is sent out!

Rejection is a common phenomenon on both sides and sometimes,it is heart breaking. “He was nearly my Mr. Right but he thought I was too old fashioned! ” I am not sure why is there a survey for finding a lifetime mate. Why the qualifications,hobbies,skin color,and other physical attributes decide whether two hearts will tune for life? In the name of arrange marriage,the individuality is put to stake and every dream of flying high is fenced around the sacred vows!

Eventually the sense of achievement of clearing a national level merit examination becomes a thing of past with no relevance to the present situation. Now I am eagerly waiting to see what will she choose for herself. Will she wait and realise her achievements for a while before she gets into the roller coaster? Will she end up enrolling on Shaadi.com?Or,will she find her own companion?


The system and the culture often lead us to inquisitions with no means developed and no ends reached. It is a pure gamble with no gaurentee. If all is okay then all is well!! If not you are stuck for some good years ahead. I always challenged it until I rolled on with it. I was fortunate in this speculation but what if I had not been???


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