College Diaries- chapter 1 -Welcome!!

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They say in the total life cycle there are a few imprints that last forever. I think for most of us one lasting memory is from school and college days. I and my few friends have been no different.  I had a total of 12 years of school and 8 years of college. The last 3 years of my post graduation gifted me a few shining diamonds and a log of beautiful memories !! 

Last few days I have been pondering over those times and flipping over some of the coolest pictures ever taken. So I decided to dedicate a section in my blog to those who made life LIFE for me from the year 2009 to 2012 and continued to be an inseparable part of my life thereafter. 

When I brush through the pages and look back, I think of my orientation day at MSRDC.We had joined the college on 9 th May 2009 . New faces,new departments,new colleagues and new subjects. Nothing from the past except the gums,teeth and jaws. Here we were at Ramaiah Dental College ,Bangalore.  

This is the new college building
After a few routine days at the new college, there was circular that was through all the specialities and it read that the orientation day is through 5th-7th August 2009. We had already made the initiative to know each other at the canteen, library and corridors but this was to formally know each other and engage with the post graduate curriculum. We newbies were excited not for seeing the strange faces but for the break from mundane dentistry. Woohoo!! no classes, no opds, no mouth mirrors and probes! 

We all wore our best outfits and the white coats symbolic of us being the future doctors, precisely tooth doctors. Sharp at nine in the morning the auditorium was swarming with some strange faces and then started the Chinese whispers( she is from ortho, he is from Nair,Bombay and she is married๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ) . Soon we heard an announcement,” Please settle down.”Hustle bustle and then pin drop silence, twenty seven of us found a place. We were the PG batch 2009- the proud batch ! Inauguration, invocation,introduction. Phew!! Guest lectures talking about thesis, statistics,numbers, patient care, curriculum,and our pale faces watching each other and thinking –we thought we were here for fun?

It was all the same, what our seniors would haunt us about and our staff would daunt us about. And then an old physiology professor took the microphone and said ,” Hello my budding dentists!” The crowd cheered,”Hello.” She continued,” I am here to tell you the latest version of the rabbit and the tortoise story,which I tell to my grand children.” We listened, laughed and admired the climax. The climax was rabbit crosses the river while he sits on the back of tortoise and the moral was teamwork is crucial to your success! 

As if the idea streamed through all of us at the same time and we exploded. We started smiling at each other on the second day and chose our teammates . We were settling as post graduates. We were making friends. Which college are you from? Which city in India do you belong to? Have you been to Bangalore before? Which is your room number? Do you know Kannada? What rank did you get?Let us go out for dinner and how about a coffee!!  This was the beginning of a brand new chapter in our lives.

The last day stood distinctive for me. It was 7th of August , my 26th birthday. I was in a pink embroidered Chudidar and may be it was the way I dressed, one amongst us thought it was my birthday. The yet getting to know each other crowd made a quick contribution and two death by chocolates were soon sitting on the desks at the back . One of them was marked with fresh cream ‘ happy birthday DJ!’ More than the cake , I was glad for the gesture and my self created name on it! I was to mingle with some real people in my life soon very soon!! The program ended with a fresh inception that day. 

What a welcome it was! A welcome that gave me a spell of laughter after every hectic day,a welcome that never failed to bring a smile on my face, a welcome that gave me hands to hold for life,a welcome that inspired me to write years later!! A true welcome in every sense. College diaries had begun already:)



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