A Look Back!!

 This is how a day goes by sometimes. I was up and about as my partner left the house at seven in the morning . I made a couple of calls back home and one to my mum to listen to her ramblings about how dad was so busy, why the maid never turned up this morning and how the temperature was rising every other day in Rajasthan. I then gobbled a bowl of muesli with milk and then hushed to the market street with my paintings. This was about my first public display at Festival of Firsts 2015.

I like bright colours as they bring hope and faith in my life. The first comment that came from the organiser was how colourful were they. I am not sure if I match the taste of the UK, but for sure my work reflects me! While on my way back I received this call for another show on the weekend to advise me on the organisation. I went on planning a few bits and pieces in my mind through the rest of the afternoon .By the evening, I had finished my driving session and cooking Sanjay’s favourite meal. Then I relaxed on my couch and started reading my favourite bloggers.

One of my favourite blogger is the happy quitter. She is someone who writes about simple things in life, as simple as a telegram. Her description of how a telegraphic short and sweet message brought a smile on her face and how she was being proposed on a telegram, was contagious. I had an instant happy curve on me ,1980s Bollywood years flooded into my mind and the song ” mere piya gaye Rangoon..” played out of nowhere .

I doubt if technology has made us richer or life better. We are living a life of convenience with a tariff plan of free SMS ,1000 minutes and 1GB data in 500 rupees. The moment an idea or emotion dawns on us we do not wait for real people to exchange it,rather our fingers chase it all within seconds. We never crave for the real joy that seeing the true expressions would bring. We are plainly number driven. 

I may sound rhetorical or obsolete, but I don’t have a count how many times this ease has created menace in my life and how rarely I have laughed my lungs out with only my ears and fingers at their job. 


college diaries!!
Reading the happy quitter was like going back to the days when my mum would scold me for being on phone after school. I did not how to use a mobile phone until my bachelor’s was coming to an end. I did not even hear about Apple until 3 years ago. I had more to look at,learn about ,laugh with and experience and I had less to strain my fingers for. It was easy to fetch a real friend and converse over a coffee. It was rejoicing to sit in a gang and pull each others’ leg. I somewhere, feel sad for my nieces and nephews who are muddled up with a car race on a phone or a Peppa pig video on I pad. They would probably not know what is it to play hopscotch in the open ground ,to go on a swing with a friend ,to share that little thing about someone and say shhhh!!

But now , I am probably not in a state to comment on the budding ones. Perhaps, it is again down to me and you that they have not realised that bachpan(childhood) is about real friends and real games.I am from an era when Google did not exist but unfortunately, now I cannot do without FB. My friend list has shortened over this period and I am left with nothing but a handful of likes! Perhaps, somewhere in the corner I pity myself too!! 

A look back at every new phase of life makes me realise the simpler it is ,the better it is!!



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