Random pages, random impressions!!

On a routine day I get up at 6:45 am , brew my coffee,hush for a shower, pack my sandwich and my scrubs,tie my hair, line my eyes , pick my trio ,board 83A,see a long list,break for lunch,finish another half day of records,rush back to catch 411 and again my kitchen is my hot spot.

But when I do not have these monotonous days and I am home alone,all by and with my self- I have a rebel with me. A rebel who wants to do everything else than he does on a Monday,Tuesday and so on. A rebel who longs to do what the world will not reckon, what the time will not permit,what the boundaries will not allow and what he will not dare otherwise.

I peep out of my bedroom window,

on a morning when I am in no hush,

I hear the clouds roaring; just there,

I see the sun out and about, I see the sun blush.

I wrap my self in the duvet, I repeat ,” It is my off day!” 

He doesn’t listen to me ,He wants to break free

He is the rebel, I see..

While the blue jay sings and every leaf flutters,

He dies to fly, though he cannot and he mutters..

“I fancy to be a witness so close, I fancy to be right up there,

Singing my heart out to the beats, singing so loud ,like I care.”

He falls down, banged and bashed.

He chooses not to leave, plays the notes on the record.

He is lost in the melody, and flickers his cord.

” Let me be free, I want the world to see,  

My every move is an endless memory, my every move is what I want to be.”

He roars and soars to party with the winds,

He whirls and curls, no where to be pinned.

He is by himself and I ignore his skill,

He is the carefree, he dares to spill,

” The mountains,the glaciers, the volcanoes, and the valleys ,

They call me every now and then and I want to breathe ,

Breathe away the smog, in the lap of the Himalayas ,

Breathe away the filth by the shores of the Ganges ,

Breathe away the smut, in the canopies of the Alps ,

Breathe away the constant scramble in  the volcanoes of Sicily,

I want to rise ,flair, and wheel,

I want the freedom to my feel,

I want to be the world I desire,

I want to be the change,the fire.”

He speaks to me and I am all ears.

That is how the day passes of,

He sleeps with me in my duvet ,

And when I wake up, I am at the bus stop!!

Source: http://alexis-oma.deviantart.com/art/Rebel-in-Me-typography-216893978

I LIVE with this rebel in me. This is my rebel with me. We all have one ,sometimes curbed,sometimes cuddled. We all have one that sees beyond the day and the boundaries!!



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