I choose to make my destiny!!

A prompt each day
A prompt each day
I have recently started participating in the prompt  challenges and it is pleasure to read what your fellow bloggers have to say. Last week I came across the blog named ‘An excused writer’, while I was reading the blogs on the prompt quote for memory. I was inspired by a positive thought which said,”So choose to walk upon good memories that will lead to your destiny”on the link below to write my today’s post:



Two roads to the  end,two hands to  shake,

two words of kindness,two thoughts to make.

I scale the more traversed of the two,

I hold that lasts and pick a few.

I dare to dream,  I dare to burn,

I choose to brawl and make no U-turn.

I am here, a part to this world,

to build a memory,to paint a twirl.

It may  be good ,it may be bad;

I opt for that appeals,discard the rest.

My hope, my faith, my tender gut,

Your truth, your candor , your lasting lust.

I can be you, I can be me,

But I choose to make my destiny!!


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