Pink frocks and apple tarts!!


Can’t turn clocks,

to my barbie and pink frocks,

 to the lazy starts.

Mom-made breakfast,

Crumbling pies and apple tarts.

Can’t turn time,

to what meant divine.

Nothing  to plan ,nothing to fear,

Did not know how to spell ‘tear!’

Can’t turn hours,

to times with no scars.

Dreams,hopes,sugar and spice,

Crystal clear with no disguise.

Can’t turn minutes,

to the melodious tweets.

Happiness loaded, cuckoo yet sane,

Every second alive,nothing mundane.

I sit back now on these wooden stairs,

I look forward and the lone world scares.

I look back, I see me,

munching on those tarts and pies,

dreaming madness and no insights.

Walking down with my li’l pink bag, in the pink frock ,

looking at the clock,holding my barbie..

those were my fond days ,my childhood memories!!



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