Write what YOU like!!

  I started writing again because I realised it was one thing that allowed me to be honest to myself. But a couple of times the reaction to my expression was not very positive. Most of them who related to my words thought I was depressed. Often,they felt sorry for me and never hesitated to question me,”If I was ok?” I am surprised how a few paragraphs can help someone to judge one’s state of mind. We, as humans are way able than technology. I am grateful to my well wishers. But.Criticism is a better reward for a write up than sympathy for the writer!!

I am not sure if writing a blog meant it has to be a recipe, a travel experience or a political opinion. I thought it is purely a collection of ideas,attitude,perception and emotions. It is sometimes, for others to wonder and at times for them to ponder. Writing is an art primarily that becomes the bestseller of the year! A complicated and infused combo may not create the same impact of a powerful yet simple line.Walt Disney said,” If you can dream it, you can do it.” This line has a plain structure with a result that is beyond tangible. Writing comes with a force and force comes from the depth of the emotion and the thought process. 

Writing is about giving a body to a perception; debate is gaurenteed but being judgemental is questionable.

My friend list comprises of few good word jugglers. Excellent pitch, quality selection of vocabulary , outstanding compositions – this is how I describe them! One of them,while appreciating my little whatever piece mentioned,” I thought you were expressing your anguish and then the second moment I realised I was judging you. I stopped blogging when I went through the same.” I could completely agree with what that statement meant as I was regretting penning my days down on a public domain already.

The very idea of being misunderstood, takes away our loyalty.For any show to be top rated ,audience applause is mandatory. But,the spectators reckon only that which connects with them. When I see a talent show and I am awestruck by the fearless performances, I am more amazed at their history and their groundwork. It is the conduct on the stage that makes me clap and bow, not the mood or mood swing of the perfomer.It is inspiring to read,watch,listen to something which comes straight from the heart. Obviously pleasing !! This is what most of them do, when they do it for themselves.I wonder when I would write one day ,thinking about the repercussions, I am sure I will have no stats to hit. 

It is harsh to accept but we are stuck,many a times, in impressing someone else. We then fail to realise that the charm is lost and so are we!! It could be the society, the boss, the colleagues,the only person you are in love with and for me who is reading these repeatitive, mundane, boring words. I am sorry but this is all I have,a heart to experience and an idea to emote. Judge me, criticise me, sympathise with me or text me ,”if I am ok.” ; I still want to write and I still want to write what I think I can be honest about . 

I am leaving it here. I did not cook anything special today and I haven’t travelled anywhere since I started writing. I am hoping I will soon be more promising when it comes to blogging!


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