CHANGE-the only constant!!

I don’t know how many times have I and you heard this statement? I don’t know how many times have I experienced it all crumbling down? I don’t how many times have I madly wished people and situations stay the same? And, I don’t know how many times have I failed to realise that change is the only constant?

We are always stepping on a ladder. Rather the day we realise we exist,we have agendas lined up. The entire society contributes to it in the name of one’s well being. From the birth milestones,first school activity to the means of living and recycling the cells for another life,everything is scheduled. A year-wise timetable to devise,what is precisely called a successful living. Any failures in the plan give way to a different channel,yet the target is slowly but surely chased.What intrigues me the most in this monotonous processing is why can’t I let it happen to me ? Why can’t I accept the uncertainty ? Why can’t I plan less and act more? Why are we all stepping up on the same ladder in the same fashion? What is the most acceptable end? Will that be the end by the time I reach the top step?

Sinking in the past or promising the future takes us away from delivering the present. My last article on ‘synthesising simplicity’ was carefully questioned by a senior colleague. It was very thoughtful of him to ask me –my take on the present. It left me puzzled and I had no realisations of the present ,whatsoever. Most of us don’t and that is why it all changes. The effort in preserving the bygones and embracing the upcoming is tremendous. It leaves us with no quantum of energy to experience what is constant-this moment ,the now!!

The fear of losing a memory,relationship,status,living,idea,or oneself keeps one in an everlasting struggle to meet the ends. For instance,take my first three years in the UK .My first year went in remorsing about the past few years at university and the fond moments, the second in planing my future and the first half of the third in actualising the plans. It was then, in the middle of the year when all of it zeroed, I realised I always had only now in my hands. I had missed enjoying all my summers and springs here so far! I missed appreciating the beautiful times whilst I was busy regretting for the past and planing the future to regret later.

There is no better moment than just now and there is no better day than today!! 

Tracing back to Einstein’s theory of relativity, like everything else in the universe our lives and actions are relative. What may be viable for this instance,may lose its entity for the next moment. Registering this truth takes us ages and when we look down from top step of the ladder ,we only see the followers. It is only mundane. The change; though constant and constantly with us is never materialised. We live and relive the same success stories, the same milestones and we aim for it again and again. 

I am not sure if I will learn to live the today, if I will ever seize the moment and if I will not be one of the followers. But. I am constantly trying to accept the truth. I am constantly training my gray matter to register that the only truth is – NOW. It is a slow process and rigorous , repeated endeavors are a must. Like a Bollywood still said,”seize the day,my friend!” I am hopeful I will be with the constant one day and that day I will surpass my fears!


6 thoughts on “CHANGE-the only constant!!

  1. Beautiful words.. you have written this so eloquently. I too strive to live in the NOW… it is a daily struggle 🙂 Peace to you!


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