Synthesising Simplicity!!

imageI float in a concrete jungle. I turn around to talk to a sky scraper. I fly to reach the 80th floor. I do a retina check to open a door. A few robots crawl with scribbled metal plates. I sense thirst, a straw pops out to my mouth, coinadrink reads me and filters some cola in my intestines. I grin. Metal plates reflect my thoughts, my mechanics engrave further. They don’t rust,they don’t break,they don’t tear and they don’t talk . I finish work. I need food. I swing on the bridge. I sit on a barstool. A tray falls out with my favourite meal. I still need a bum to sit and hands to eat. My clock ticks. I press a switch,the bed falls down,I get wrapped and my brain registers it is night.

I am thinking again. I am futuristic at this point of time and I am thinking one day  I will have a few controls in my hand . My patients will enter my surgery, their treatments and records will be on my fingertips and they will have a Hollywood smile on their mechanical faces. I will earn millions of pounds. But. I will have no empathy, no communication, no exchange and no satisfaction.

I think we will slowly advance to a stage where life will only be easier,easier and easier!! I will love that and I know ,you will love that too. We will all love being run by tools , technology and machines.

While I am imagining a few hundred years from now,let me just take a detour. Will I miss anything from the history?Year 1990, I wanted to be doctor to help, relieve,empathise with and listen to the pain. I will miss the sensitivity. Year 1999, I wanted to travel around the world to experience, absorb,nurture and discover what Mother Earth had to offer. I will miss the beauty . Year 2002, I wanted to gel with my mates in the college to learn, laugh and enjoy being independent. I will miss the moments. Year 2007, I wanted to fall in love to believe, share and synthesise what makes two one. I will miss the feelings. Year 2012 , I wanted to be a mother to  incarnate ,rejoice and feel a life. I will miss the experience.


The green forests, the singing waterfalls, the scenic rainbow,the glazing sun, the quiet sea, the snowy mountains, the free birds, the mauve blossoms, the crying babies, the smiling friends, the moments of content, the glorious memories , the beating hearts and the list goes on!! If I will take a rebirth a thousand years from now, I will miss a lot more.

I rather would like to reverse it all. I would like to switch the eras and synthesise simplicity. In fact I want to go back to the times, when in summers my father got us mangoes and their sweetness was enough to bring on the smile. When my friends at the school shared their dabba(lunch) and that flavoured my life. When I got my first bike and I felt as if the sky was the limit. When I played in the mud and I knew what it meant to be tired. When we laughed over a cup of tea. When my birthday cake was delivered as a surprise and later my friends kicked my bum. When I thought that the world was a nicer place and I wanted to reach out. When the inhabitants rather than the habitat made the difference. When honesty and loyalty nurtured most of us.When I had no text messages but hands to shake.When I had no dying presentations but ideas to discuss.When I had no laptops to chill out but my mum’s lap to sleep.

image“When life was about being together and being for each other. When life was simple!!”

More than 600 words and I feel the write up is incomplete or may be , it is not simple enough to  be complete!!


2 thoughts on “Synthesising Simplicity!!

  1. Nice blog Deepti. It was a pleasure to read. It displays emotions driven in future guided by technology, taking us away and apart from not only one another but also from ourselves and the heart dissolved in the values and moments of simplicity that it treasures and relives a thousand times.
    But what it misses is the beautiful present. I would love to read ur views n thoughts about the undiluted present.


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