Connect!! – a rare find:)

  I had a hard day. The weather was awful. I could feel only dampness in the air. It was raining. I usually enjoy rains, but today was particarly gloomy.I had an early start to the day. I had errands to run,travelling ,meeting people and cooking. All I knew was I wanted things to move on today!!

Some days, even though are dark,damp and despaired bring satisfaction towards the end. Today probably was such a day. I started at 7:00 am as usual, dressed,fed,prayed and moved out with my black coat. The black coat has been with me every day, it is my mate through the rains and the winters. I like the furry hood to it. I was feeling good but I couldn’t see the sun. I am okay with rainbow or moonbow but light is essential to my existence. Anyway, I boarded the bus right outside minto house and sat in it to change it in the middle of my travel. I boarded the next one which took me around the parts of the village,which were yet to be explored. One and a half hour of bus travel and I did not know where to get down. Hence, I had to walk around 20 more minutes in my new blue -black peep toes to reach my destination.

It was at an office where I waited for an hour to meet the owner. A ten minutes of exchange of ideas and I was again at the bus stop to get back to my place . Yes, another cruise through the village and another one and a half hour. I am hoping my  presence  made the difference.

I had a quick lunch,touched up and I was set to board the train. This time I was on the other side of the tunnel, all the way to Liverpool . A business meeting, lot of rush, a brisk walk and the venue. I am extremely grateful that Tesco has unlocked my I phone after 6 months of request and complain period. Google map was my bestie all through the day. The meeting finished with cheers. It makes a day worth while when you meet people with some heart and brains.

The day was drawing to a close. I travelled for 6 hours, was on phone for 3 hours,basically I was on my own for 9 hours and I was already feeling that my blood vessels had dilated. I could crash anytime,anywhere but I managed to feed myself . 

Before I could go for my dream world , I saw a fellow blogger’s post ( extra dry martini). She mentioned about going dark. Every sentence of her blog was me. I could connect instantly. Right from the fact, when she mentioned how the month of May has treated her to her being optimistic about the damp weather. I love her write ups to bits. She is flamboyant, expressive and impressive. Every word was like reading my own mind. I was flabbergasted to that acknowledgement. It was not only me who thought,”When will life get better ?” It was not only me who tried to believe that clouds will disappear one day and sun will shine !!

I am in my bed now . I say these night prayers for a good sleep now a days. I am having a grin on my face thinking how brilliantly  I could connect with her(extra dry martini) thoughts,words, ideas and beliefs. I am happy I am not the only one!!


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