Switch off on your day off!! πŸ˜΄πŸ˜΄

It was 8:00 am in the morning and it was my day off. I got up and I slided our satin mauve black out curtain. The day was a right day for not peeping into oral cavity. The weather was moderately cold,the sky was cloudy,there was a light drizzle ,the birds were already singing and I was home alone. The feeling of being  home alone is a real good feeling sometimes. You know you can binge and you are not obliged to cook breakfast or clean your bedroom!! I was determined I have to take a break from constantly thinking about what next !! 

This week  I had four continuous days off and I am writing this post on my second day. I have had wasted yesterday. I was equally focussed yesterday to switch off but it never occurred to me. I was on phone from eleven in the morning till late night finding about an offer and the provider. I still question,” Is it dentistry,  really?”  I was almost comatose by 11:30  PM and thought I could not publish anything then. I had already wasted the day and wasted my energy on working out the impossible.

 Today after boarding the bus 38 A and reaching my physician’s clinic, ironically  I was feeling less jittery. There was no bang in my head and I was ready for the blood to be sucked by a wide bore needle. I am ok with needles and blood, may be that’s why it is health care for me!! Phew ! that was quick and I was out. I thought why not start the day by walking a few miles and losing a few ounces but it started pouring and I had to board the bus back to my house. 

This was an okayish start, I did not  get the time to think about what next!! While I sipped my coffee chilling on my couch I was thinking of mum and her mathris( a fried Indian crisp) .I instantly called her and took the notes on the recipe. I personally believe that instant outcome for one’s curiosity is the beauty of Internet . I hated frying or may be I was not good at it, I don’t know!! This was going to be my first attempt.


Mathri is the yummiest and commonest Indian savoury with chai. It’s made out of plain flour,butter/ oil, common salt and black pepper corns /cumin or any flavour that hits your palate. The ingredients are mixed into a dough and rested for a while. Once it is prepared we have to make small flat rounds and fry it !! Aah !! Pretty easy isn’t it ;).                      

The first batch was out. I was sulking already, it lacked mum’s magic. It was not crisp. Was I thinking of dentistry , CV ,rejection , failure again ? I do not remember. My repeated failures had made me impatient and I wanted results quickly and perhaps, easily.  


They looked alright yet they were innocent . They had not matured enough to crack on the first bite. I was failing to recreate the magic and I,this time wanted to discover instead of Google. A few new tricks were tried and a few batches were martyred!! Then I thought,” let me switch off the stove and switch off my mind. “This was the analytical phase and I was sure my critical reflection would lead me in the right direction

I had nothing much left to play and this was my last attempt. I rolled the dough for mathris.I punched the core of each one of them.I slowed down the flame. I let them enjoy their oily bath. I kept sliding them easily with my spoon. I saw them bubble. They were enjoying each second of sacrificing their innocence. They were turning crispy. They were willing to crack in someone’s mouth. Here they were, the little golden skinned ones basking in the glory of my critical analysis.


 While I was letting them ease of the  pressure of being the best, I was thinking we all go through these phases in life. We are naive and we fail to impress when we are in a rush, time hammers us and eventually we learn to be patient, we go through a whole cycle of slow processing, we burn,we radiate and we exchange, finally we are willing and we are prepared to handle life. That is life to us!! 

The mathris were ready for my evening tea. I was happy that I did switch off and  I am happy that  I added another flavour to my life!! 


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