First aid first!!

Today it was not work at work which meant we were ‘training.’ Dentistry like any science is about constantly updating yourself. With regulations getting tougher and tougher on the dental staff and health and safety becoming a primary part of health care, we need to enrol in the continuing professional development programme. So today we were not in black or grey , we were in casual outfits and looked more colourful than usual.

Jeff, a mid – forties lean fellow in a blue shirt and grey anti fit style pants with his metal strapped watch on his left wrist and his projector, iPad, manikins, ME(medical emergency) kit and oxygen cylinder was training us today . I was wondering how did he manage to get here with his  four Brad manikins and himself? But he did and we were glad he did as it brought us some CPD points πŸ˜‰.

 Brad manikin with detachable nose and lips!!

The course was split into two sessions. First aid before lunch and Safegaurding after lunch. The important feature here to note was the lunch as we could have some sandwiches from the Barrel’s.  We were 11 of us from different practices attending this one with our own doubts about how to help an ailing patient or colleague. 

Jeff was quite thorough and of course knew in and out of his talk. He started by giving a key ring which would probably make you a hero if there was an emergency. The yellow wrapped up key chain had quick instructions for CPR and also kept one safe from Ebola and what not. The wonder plastic in it was a face shield. Having distributed those little life savers, he moved on to talk about CPR – when, where,how!! Precise to action and not theory alone. The group was enthusiastic about learning but the session was interrupted by a few experiences and jokes . We were laughing and learning. This is one thing I appreciate about the UK way of learning . It allows your brain to work and not sleep. 

Right from angina to panic attacks every emergency that can possibly occur in a life of a dentist was there. Jeff was good with sounds, expressions and body language. AED has been a friend to many. The technology has advanced so much that one could be a Yamraj( the God of life and death in Indian mythology) if it was reviving a life within 2 minutes of a heart attack. So obviously not much introduction to this self explanatory gadget was required. 

The Barrel’s guy was in and water was already boiling in the kettle. It was the sandwich time. After a good one hour break Jeff divided us in groups and we were given our CPR mates with detachable mid maxilla. We tried different positions and thumped on his chest and pumped his lungs yet Brad was nice to us. 

It was getting chilly and we were already sleepy , it was a no work day after all. The second session was on Safegaurding vulnerable adult and children. Interesting topic but with enormous paper work that will make one think ,” Will I be safe after all that effort?” He posted some fantastic cases and I could only think that it was no different in any part of the world. Peace of mind and security- they are only to be  found with some antique dealers  now a days !! After a bombarding session of conflicting ideas from cultural mixing to ethos of finding who needed help we were given an assurance that our  CPD certificates will be sent off ! Ah!! Thanks Jeff. 

Me and Emma ( one of our nurses) decided to go to promenade after long training hours were over.We were soon sitting at La Tasca,a popular Spanish restaurant. We ordered some tapas and drinks. The sea was mad and ships were moving across in that turbulence. 

After a little chit – chat, food and drinks we called it a day. She rang for the taxi and I boarded my bus. As I had nothing to do now I was thinking. Was I confident to save a life? What if I suspected that the kid in my bus has been abused, will I do anything for him? Will admitting the truth make me a coward?  I will be honest here, unless my adrenaline will kick me I would think twice and perhaps it will be more than two minutes by then!  Most people are like me. We all wish to make a difference to the society but we are so engrossed in making that little money to run our lives that we do not think about the bigger things.

Then I thought one day I may need that hand or eye and someone will think twice. Life has become a roller coaster for each one of us. We come on this earth, grow up , go to school, choose careers, find love , make money , buy a house, and give birth to another life but we seldom think to give that hand to a stranger!! I could think no more.

“I am being rhetorical here. But if the world was a better place where trust was easy to find Jeff would have left after lunch, I would have not thought may be I am a coward and I would have known that when I would need a CPR no one would hesitate!!”

Hasta la vista folks and remember ‘first aid‘ – first!!


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