Mercury retrograde🌘🌙 – hit me right!!

What is on my mind? Why am I suddenly blogging about this astrological phenomenon? What does a passive blogger like me has to do with what the planet of communication does? What,why,how??


Let me first introduce you to Mercury retrograde . Mercury is the planet of communication and technology. When I started following astrology closely, I learnt Mercury was my birth lord and there were certain times of the year when I would have delays despite having  all the papers right. It is astrologically famed as “Mercury retrograde.”

Mercury goes into hibernation three times a year. That is the time when communications break down, misunderstandings take birth, technology fails and may be if you phone me my ears won’t hear it. Mercury retrograde is a time of reflecting,revising ,rehabilitating.

Sounds disruptive,eh!! I am not usually negative on my blogs, then why am I writing about Mercury slowing down? Why is my half knowledge about astrology moulding my thoughts? I am puzzled but I am trying to reason out. Perhaps, the reason is I am seeing a new beginning from an old gateway!  

Let us see retrospectively. I was starting my new job in June. Everything around my hopes and dreams shattered when the promises were not delivered. My effort was in vain for the third time. I started reviewing my CV, sending them out, facing rejections and occasionally an email from WordPress caught my eye. The dampening reminded me of the Astro-science  and the Mercury . Yes, he was sleeping! 

This time and perhaps every other time, I have only gained. But this is the first time I am feeling nature controls us for us. I am back to WordPress, I have decided to read what my fellow bloggers are posting, I am feeling inspired  again and I have picked up words to share the nature’s boons! There is a reason and there is change.

We may not always get what we work for but we have to agree that He has bigger plans!! The universe is kind.The motions up there are not responsible for our actions down here. Retrograde was not the reason for my failure and rejections. I had something better coming up.

The bank holiday, the slow down,the rejections , the failure paced me to emote, admire, express and upgrade. I downloaded a few apps , but believe me I am not a tech savvy.  I triggered my senses to gauge what others have to say. My ideas needed to flow and structure. I am now communicating via technology while the sky is sleepy and dreamy!! 

I am with myself after a year and  the Birth Lord  has hit me right this time!! I am glad the dreaded change in the sky  worked for me .


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