Little things !!

Fight till your last breathe !! I have been working hard for settling into my career. Being in health profession,it has been 12 years of school and overseas exams . I have worked hard to reach the brim. But now when my struggles with scores is over , I  am challenged by the job search. 

It all looks like a never ending process and by passing each year my confidence in the results is decreasing. 

So today I decided I will talk to the sea. I changed to my tee and capris and ruffled my hair. Then I drove to the sea bank. It was blue and quiet. I could see the green flora on the sides. Some ripples in the sea were reflecting me. A kid was walking on the shores with his grand dad. His hair were shining as the sun blessed him. His pug strolled through the water. I was standing on a corner watching all the events and loosening my fear .

I closed my eyes. I took a few deep breathes. I was thinking what is life about? My 12 years of school, my job hunt, my constant failures or my ambitions. Why was I always with my past or future? Where was my present? Why my time was not right? Why did I fail to realise opportunities? Why was I empty handed today? 

The sea was listening to me . I looked at the sea again. I could see different colours again. The sea was glistening on one side where there was sun. It was cyan on the other. It had tinge of green on the shores. The brown rocks muddled it further. The sea was not the same every where, every time.

The thoughts stormed me once again. My life has been like the sea. There has been colors. Sometime it sparkled and at others it was dark. While I was through the dark phases , I forgot the golden moments. I forgot that it was never my school or my achievements or my job that sparkled my life. It was the little things that reflected in my eyes. I was serene like the sea, when I laughed with my friends while sharing a cup of tea, when I presented my talents , when I was appreciated for my little effort to make someone happy. 

The sea supports all that passes through it and yet stays calm. We all have our moments. The realisation is the pick up moments are the little things that bring the calmness of the sea within us.

I had such a moment today. I decided to write my blog after 2 years and I decided to look at the sparkles rather than the rocks.  DJ    


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