What takes it to laugh?

Why suddenly this, wasn’t I the crazy senti writer, scribbling all about emotional stuff ?? Look I am laughing, I am laughing about the fact that I have been crying all this while,haha. From all that has been going around me from last Diwali to this Diwali was a source of remorse , guilt and pain but then one I day thought who holds the responsibility and  who blames? Both were “ME”. I was responsible for my sulky days and terrible nights and I was responsible for calling myself the loser. 

In most situations, be it emotional circle or a professional trine, we are the ones to call for troubles. Sometimes, it is our ego that keeps forcing us to do what is not right for its last laugh and then we go round,round,round and weave a fabric with holes. The fabric that can cover the supreme ego yet cannot save it from the cold and hot.

We believe that or I must say we want to believe that what we did was right because that’s where we are not questioned. Having said that if we have the libra in our subconscious mind it will never let us sleep easy. Yes, we dread what we know but we don’t wish to believe and that is where we save our ego but don’t justify our act.

So, after this crazy run, I finally decided to let the balance get back to me. I pushed the wrong away, took the right blame on me,saved myself from my unjustifiable beliefs and freed myself from the guilt of doing wrong which wasn’t wrong really, so here I stand unloaded!

friends, it takes jus a moment to know that what you did was what your ego wanted to do, but that moment takes years to come along. For me it was an year, could have been more but cosmos saved me lol;) . Reach in yourself, know what it takes to be YOU, guide yourself to the eternal truth and take the blame. It makes it easy and ofcourse you laugh from your heart!!