Attachments are like strings that stretch till the last thread unwinds. Haven’t written for months because I was trying to settle the loss I incurred lately. We often assume that what we possess is certainly going to pay off in some way, as when we possess we often put in a lot of effort to let the possession last. That is where we gain the attachment.

I had a tough time letting go things. Every time I try to wipe the whole picture out of my mind some memory will afresh it. I tried spiritual ways, I tried writing diaries and letting it out, I tried making situations and talking to my friends about it and I tried a million other things.

Now it’s been 3 months and I feel lighter, I concentrate better and I do with some heart what I am suppose to do. It is very easily and truly said that time is a godly healer. I ofcourse don’t deny but these 3 months have echoed like ages to me and I am still not completely healed.

Well why am I sharing this all here on a public blog? The answer is very simple I have made a new beginning and wanted to share this experience which says to me every shining morning that until I let the non viable go out I ll never let the living in!

We all move through such times where we feel loss of essence in lives, we acknowledge loss of self esteem, we experience lack of efforts and we eventually judge our acts. But we sorely forget that we like most around us are humans, our acts are not mere acts rather they are reactions. What is so wrong if I lost my BFF on an argument despite I said sorry, why is it awful that my boss kicked me out of his cabin despite I was the most dedicated employee, and why is it so shameful that I haven’t been complimented for all the good I have done but blamed for that one wrong. With regards to this, I can just mention that it is our dedication, attachment and sacrifice that we make to best of our abilities which when not rewarded aptly leads to disappointments and the reactions.

So where is the key to settlement, to feeling free and to letting that war wave white? It is within you. It is when you know that attachments lead to expectations, expectations lead to failure of fulfilment, failure of fulfilment leads to blame, blame leads to reaction and reaction leads to misery. Cut the roots my dear friend! Allow new beginnings where if you can’t stop getting attached, at least know where to attach and then gradually move to no attachment!

This would call for practice but before you practice the new, experience the failure . And then you appreciate it better like I do today !!