Long time no see!!

Well the title is so apt for what I have been through in a month’s time. A busy month of August with an agenda that I had to cross over, before I will make my big leap. Besides work and work, it has been about prioritising . I have often thought over  this word priority but I have never realised the true importance. I turned thirty this month and decided to go through the word again. The first thing on my mind was to clear up what was needed. One of the clumsy stuff in my bag was a rotten relationship smelling pungent yet moving along . So I began a questionnaire, do I need this?, what  if it goes away?, am I at a non recoverable loss?, will I stop breathing without this pungent smell?, and the famous question , after five years what difference will it make to me?.

Once the questionnaire was sorted, I had to answer them all. To sum, the answer was  I dint need to spoil my bag at all. All I needed was to make life simple. All that would have affected my life  for better or worse  should have been my priority.

Then I came across a line, when there are too many comas in a sentence, it’s almost that the full stop is nearing. The rotten relationship was too stale with lack of lustre such that revival was not a possibility . With all my CPR efforts it was not ready to rebreathe.

then I realised it is not me  who has failed, it’s the foundation that has failed. Wherein I also got to know that if it was a long time no see that has made it smell so foul then perhaps it was not the truest of relationships. I was hanging on something which would have eventually resulted in a fall. But I was hanging on still.


So this vacation from here and myself was to realise where do I need to head? For which one of my friends said head where u think YOU are happy! Trust me, that makes sense to me completely.so next journey that I began is a small one yet I am hoping the destination leads me to a yet bigger journey.

Folks ! At the end what would have mattered in life is what we would have done to ourselves!!!