The clearing jungles!

imageSo I picked up my tea today and opened the NEWS column in my I pad and brushed through the headlines. This has not been the routine for me in the past 12 months, because I couldn’t cut those low lying canopies that have been blocking my way to this good morning.

What has changed overnight? Until yesterday I was talking to you guys about how things were ruined, but I pick up the headlines today. Nothing has changed. The sun was at its time, my husband was off to work at exact 8, I prayed at exact 8:10, then what has changed? It is the outlook.

Discovering your own self every moment brings in this fabulous realisation and the sense of peace to your living. I was wondering what would making me feel better over that rut. For the little wizard I am, I just downloaded a scroll from the famous writings, the greatest salesmen in the world. It talked about the good habits that we need to inculcate to begin with. The habit I chose was to clear these ever entangling jungles a little bit everyday.

I can breathe. There is abundance of fresh air. I can see the clear water now,it’s blue. One has to change the perspective before moving on. If there is no different land or water that we see, however sharp are jungles knives are, we are walking on the same jungle. Trying to clear is not clearing, it’s clearing to clear that makes a difference!


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