In the midnight!


It’s almost 00:00 and I am writing today for the third time. Here is a thanks to James who put a like for my post, the clearing jungles. What was the big help? When I saw that first like it was a sense of acknowledgement that I can be read.

All these days, I have been looking for myself texting nomads, pasting status on FB and applauding or gratifying my eros to feel that the impact of last spring hasn’t changed me. But somehow, it was no pleasure. How much ever I looked into these likes and comments on my so called favourite social networks, I was turning into a narcissist.

I feel saved. These are the three good words I want to say my self as I see the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds and still showing up for a lit midnight. What do I mean by this big sentence? All I mean is the entire cosmos is working in a cycle. Even if you had had the worst falls prolonged and stretched in all shades of grey, the colours of rainbow will shine through. Like for me a star on my post was the indigo to let my day coloured!

They fairly say what goes around , comes around. I personally have experienced this change. So folks even if it wasn’t your day as this midnight sweeps, your day will walk in too!


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