Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank

Wind to unwind!

Can it be more rejoicing than to have a day rather an hour without any thought? Well this is what I did after the war of words I had on the new Internet application whatsapp! The curiosity is, what was the world fighting for? The squabble began on a note as little as how communication could lead to miscommunications!

I wonder if the phoneapps were provided with a gadget to sense the tone of voice, the expression of the self, and the intended meaning of the words believed to be nasty and yes of course delivered some peace for good. A joyous, refreshing relationship suffered a death because at the end of the litigations and power struggles there was no room left to press control Z.

The worry is not this end, the remorse is why the strings are weaker than the signals of wifi communication? Are we so dependent on a telecom service to relate to our beliefs and the reassurance of being there for each other? The argument was about it, and the other side roared you are nobody but just a phone friend. I was flabbergasted and amazed that what took an year to sow the seeds of a plant that I was going to nurture was of no importance in that NOBODY. Yes of course, nothing but change is constant. Upgrading technology is a change for communal good yet it is creating hazards. My point is shouldnt we be less dependent on these man made tools for our real existence? Let us take charge of what is supposed to be in our charge. ” Death is not in our in hands, but murder is always,”


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