Why is it tough?


I made a decision last spring. It was intuitive, I was very much expecting my intuition to work for me , but sadly I made some realisations recently when I stand on a brim of failure. Trusting by far is never a problem, the problem is when you trust without knowledge and then follows regrets and guilts. Hush! the pain, the karma.

It is sometimes as easy as plucking a flower to let go of memories and pictures that go and store in the sunken side of mind,that’s called fortunate. But then there are these strange experiences which weave you in sweater of untiring resentment and no warmth at all. You are left in an amnion full of water ready to gush but unaware where to go and leave you safe in the arms of the healer, the time. You try not to drown and it gets on your nerve, and you shout..oh God tell me why it is so tough?

It isn’t tough, it isn’t impossible, it takes a moment yes, a moment to decide and allow. Be merciful to your own self. Who yells at you to be harsh on yourself, except your own self. Why do we need constant feed of guilt and remorse? Why do we need to act like a culprit, if things went rotten at the doors of the most scenic weather?

What just happened to my belief was not my mistake, it was a mishap.It was a journey that lead me to explore some cultured ideas in me once again. It was a magical moment that caught me to rethink on new notes, to drive new energies and to  paste new memories on those wiped clear pages.

I regret my intuition because I lost valuable time, I picked up a disease and disgraced the harmony in my life but I thank my experience that makes me write this blog!!


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