In the midnight!


It’s almost 00:00 and I am writing today for the third time. Here is a thanks to James who put a like for my post, the clearing jungles. What was the big help? When I saw that first like it was a sense of acknowledgement that I can be read.

All these days, I have been looking for myself texting nomads, pasting status on FB and applauding or gratifying my eros to feel that the impact of last spring hasn’t changed me. But somehow, it was no pleasure. How much ever I looked into these likes and comments on my so called favourite social networks, I was turning into a narcissist.

I feel saved. These are the three good words I want to say my self as I see the moon playing hide and seek with the clouds and still showing up for a lit midnight. What do I mean by this big sentence? All I mean is the entire cosmos is working in a cycle. Even if you had had the worst falls prolonged and stretched in all shades of grey, the colours of rainbow will shine through. Like for me a star on my post was the indigo to let my day coloured!

They fairly say what goes around , comes around. I personally have experienced this change. So folks even if it wasn’t your day as this midnight sweeps, your day will walk in too!


Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank

Wind to unwind!

Can it be more rejoicing than to have a day rather an hour without any thought? Well this is what I did after the war of words I had on the new Internet application whatsapp! The curiosity is, what was the world fighting for? The squabble began on a note as little as how communication could lead to miscommunications!

I wonder if the phoneapps were provided with a gadget to sense the tone of voice, the expression of the self, and the intended meaning of the words believed to be nasty and yes of course delivered some peace for good. A joyous, refreshing relationship suffered a death because at the end of the litigations and power struggles there was no room left to press control Z.

The worry is not this end, the remorse is why the strings are weaker than the signals of wifi communication? Are we so dependent on a telecom service to relate to our beliefs and the reassurance of being there for each other? The argument was about it, and the other side roared you are nobody but just a phone friend. I was flabbergasted and amazed that what took an year to sow the seeds of a plant that I was going to nurture was of no importance in that NOBODY. Yes of course, nothing but change is constant. Upgrading technology is a change for communal good yet it is creating hazards. My point is shouldnt we be less dependent on these man made tools for our real existence? Let us take charge of what is supposed to be in our charge. ” Death is not in our in hands, but murder is always,”

The clearing jungles!

imageSo I picked up my tea today and opened the NEWS column in my I pad and brushed through the headlines. This has not been the routine for me in the past 12 months, because I couldn’t cut those low lying canopies that have been blocking my way to this good morning.

What has changed overnight? Until yesterday I was talking to you guys about how things were ruined, but I pick up the headlines today. Nothing has changed. The sun was at its time, my husband was off to work at exact 8, I prayed at exact 8:10, then what has changed? It is the outlook.

Discovering your own self every moment brings in this fabulous realisation and the sense of peace to your living. I was wondering what would making me feel better over that rut. For the little wizard I am, I just downloaded a scroll from the famous writings, the greatest salesmen in the world. It talked about the good habits that we need to inculcate to begin with. The habit I chose was to clear these ever entangling jungles a little bit everyday.

I can breathe. There is abundance of fresh air. I can see the clear water now,it’s blue. One has to change the perspective before moving on. If there is no different land or water that we see, however sharp are jungles knives are, we are walking on the same jungle. Trying to clear is not clearing, it’s clearing to clear that makes a difference!

Why is it tough?


I made a decision last spring. It was intuitive, I was very much expecting my intuition to work for me , but sadly I made some realisations recently when I stand on a brim of failure. Trusting by far is never a problem, the problem is when you trust without knowledge and then follows regrets and guilts. Hush! the pain, the karma.

It is sometimes as easy as plucking a flower to let go of memories and pictures that go and store in the sunken side of mind,that’s called fortunate. But then there are these strange experiences which weave you in sweater of untiring resentment and no warmth at all. You are left in an amnion full of water ready to gush but unaware where to go and leave you safe in the arms of the healer, the time. You try not to drown and it gets on your nerve, and you shout..oh God tell me why it is so tough?

It isn’t tough, it isn’t impossible, it takes a moment yes, a moment to decide and allow. Be merciful to your own self. Who yells at you to be harsh on yourself, except your own self. Why do we need constant feed of guilt and remorse? Why do we need to act like a culprit, if things went rotten at the doors of the most scenic weather?

What just happened to my belief was not my mistake, it was a mishap.It was a journey that lead me to explore some cultured ideas in me once again. It was a magical moment that caught me to rethink on new notes, to drive new energies and to  paste new memories on those wiped clear pages.

I regret my intuition because I lost valuable time, I picked up a disease and disgraced the harmony in my life but I thank my experience that makes me write this blog!!